AMD combo deals at Microcenter B&M 1055T 6-core price drop

The price of the AMD 1055T 6-core just dropped $20 over at Microcenter. Some hard to beat CPU/MB combo deals over there. These are Brick and Mortar only.

Microcenter Combo deals link

This might just be some more competition for Neweggs Black November deals or they may be making room for the new 1065T that should be on its way out.

thanks for the update eric93se :slight_smile:
is it good ?
I never had AMD

The 1055t (6 core) is going to be around the performance of a quad core i5-750 chip was… now the 750 seems almost discontinued and the Intel released the i5-760 (after a failed performance i5-750S). Possibly the 760 will outperform the 1055t but based on price alone, it’s a good deal. Would last about 3-5 years easily.

To justify the upgrade, your current machine should be 4+ years old, or you have money to burn-- either way, not just to make Microcenter & Amd happy.

Thanks for the info tmc8080 :slight_smile:
interesting Phenom II X6 1090T :slight_smile:

Yo Eric-

Those are sum kick@$$ prices-eh!!

Microcenter is just about the LAST of a dying breed of national Brick and Mortar ALL-IN-ONE computer stores left in the USA. Once they go… the industry will be almost entirely ETAIL. Once that happens, the computer stores that are left will be able to charge PLUMBER’s prices to have STOCK ON-HAND.


Free market at work.