AMD chips can't do LightScribe!



The Nero update added Nero_LS_ENG.CHM, a help file for the new LightScribe direct disc labeling capability.

Under Requirements, this file says LightScribe needs a 500 MHz or better Intel CPU (in addition to the proper CD burner and Windows 2000 or Windows XP).

One of my computers is based on an AMD Sempron and the other (an ancient Pentium) runs Win98SE. Thus it seems pointless for me to buy a LightScribe-enabled CD burner. What’s up with that? :wink:


I wudnt take that word for word. System Requirements are just basic guide so users can see if a computer can run the program before they buy it. Intels and AMDs to the same thing just a little diff. I really dont think a company would write a prog (or build a bit hardware) that dont work eith 50% of all moden PC’s.



I would get one anyway and try it out. Bet you could run it no problem. What burner are you getting? I am hunting for a lightscribe dual layer external model…a good quality fast one.


The LightScribe drives work on AMD CPU’s also, don’t take that word for word.

I really getting one, it’s just perfect for someone who has a bad handwriting.





This is correct (about the Windows stuff). I have Windows 98SE (and Linux) and cannot use LightScribe. Got it straight from Nero. Seems a rip off to NOT support windows 98SE…


A rip off not to support an OS that is 7+ years old? I don’t think so, you can’t expect hardware/software companies to continue to support Windows 98 after so many years.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


Well considering that there is STILL tons of people who will not upgrade from Windows 98, and all manufacturers of Video boards, sound boards, etc, all have windows 98 SE support.

The answer is YES they should support it! What is so special that they can’t support windows 98? Maybe MS is asking them not to… I don’t know. But it is wrong.



98SE may be 7+ years old now but in my view it is by FAR the easyest and stable O/S M$ has ever made!