AMD & ATI merger

It’s going to be really an interesting year :iagree:,,3715_14197_14198,00.html?redir=goBG01

Q: What will the combined company operate as?
A: The combined company will operate as AMD.

Q: What motivated this transaction?
A: This transaction is born of a mutual recognition that by combining our efforts we can become an industry leading processing powerhouse. The marriage of AMD and ATI’s best-in-class computing, graphics, digital media and processing technologies will result in more innovative and more complete customer-focused solutions. AMD and ATI complement each other’s strengths across technologies, markets, manufacturing and geographies.

Just one word and that is wow!!
I guess Intel boards will not have crossfire for long, I guess they need to support Nvidia SLI from now on as ATI will become a part of AMD.

So the world’s largest graphics supplier is Intel and the next is AMD and the third is NVidia. Interesting indeed.

I expect Intel to start lowering their 915G, 945G, and future 965G chipsets just to keep AMD from becoming overambitious.

I once had a motherboard based on AMD chipsets for Thunderbird and Duron processors. AMD might become the second largest motherboard chipset supplier only after Intel (surpassing VIA, SiS, and NVidia.)