AMD Athlonâ„¢ 64 X2 4000+ (AM2)

After reading some benchmarks and reviews about the new Intel Core2Duo, they don’t seem to be the best buy anyhow :Z, especially with the low end ones with just 2MB L2…

As I want to build a HTPC for HD contents, I think I may be better off with AMD… The thing I can’t deny is the stability of Intel chipsets, they are the best.

Can anyone suggest some good chipsets/motherboards for socket AM2. The best ones would be with SPDIF ready, 2 optical would be best, wishing out loud. And the ability to use both onboard sound and add-on sound card at the same time, chipset dependant!!

Opinions are always welcome :bow: thanks :slight_smile:

Could try having a look at

AM2 Micro ATX Motherboard :

nVidia 570 and 590 seem to be good. ASUS as well.

thanks guys…

Is anyone using this cpu?? Any comment?

@Ninja, thanks for links. I didn’t know there’s ASUS mb with both build-in DVI-D & RGB out. Unfortunately it doesn’t have S/PDIF on the rear I/O!! Cause I couldn’t find the SPDIF expansion card from where I live, so I couldn’t get digital out without a extra sound card :sad:

not me, ive got an x2 4600. plenty happy with mine. the price cuts werent too bad either.

I’v been thinking about changing CPU, my AMD FX 57 is still serving me quite well with the EVGA nforce4 sli MOBRD, and gforce7900 gtko, I’m going to wait and see if the price of core2 extreme comes down when the AM2 line develops…and then I’ll probably go back to intell :bigsmile: