Amd athlon64 3500 venice

Hi , just built my pc and i would like to overclock alittle , i have been reading about it but would like some suggestions on the best way to go about it and also i have the stock heatsink . motherboard is asus a8n5x ,pc3200 xms corsair ram 2 gigs temp cpu is 35 c nice air flow in case.

This is actually a matter that you should read up on on your own (yes, use your google and reading skills)… If you feel that you dont have the knowledge to pull it off or dont want to you’re simple not notivated hence you dont need to overclock at all.

Excellent post…

I was just asking if anybody had a site or were else to look , great post :clap:

Start here :wink:

thankyou, thats all i wanted

Just a word of advice, raider12: if you want to get into the stuff you’ll find there, then learn the basics on an old system (or two), where it doesn’t matter if you break something. Every overclocker breaks stuff at some point. And if you just want to be able to say you OC’d your new Athlon64, then use that nice little program that came with your Asus mobo, called AI Booster. That should be safe or else they wouldn’t provide it right? Enjoy!

whoa, thats weird, i have that exact same system in my shopping cart at new egg at this very moment. everything you listed is in there. How do you like the system? Is it fast? Stable? Were there any issues getting it together and up and running? I am still running an old PIII 866 and I’m in terrible need of an upgade

im a first time builder and it went smooth, compared to my dell its fast , motherboard a8n5x, 2 gigs of ram xms on sale at newegg, thermatake 430watt power supply, 7600 gt co video card, amd athlon64 3500 venice cpu. any questions let me issues very stable .

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thanks, chaos