AMD athlon AVI

Hello everybody i am new here so be gentle, i have been converting and burning avi files for some time now and have had this problem after a windows service pack update. Every time i start win avi or any other avi conversion software i get an error message that tells me that win avi has encountered a problem and needs to close, this also happens with dvd santa … Has anybody found the same problem if so is there a fix apart from re format and switch off automatic updates?

Do you have an error log from either of those programs? Without more specific information on what is going wrong, we’re mostly guessing here. Since it affects both, I’d say it is a codec problem of some sort or possibly a file association that has changed.

There are better, free, programs for converting avi to dvd if that is what you are trying to do. FAVC is one I recommend. DVDFlick is also reasonably good, and AVStoDVD is a third choice.
If you use FAC, the HC encoder is included and will produce very nice quality results.

Have you tried any of them?