AMD 939-Opteron 165($104.99) Opteron 170($118.00) at NewEgg

Even though I am getting an AM2 rig soon some of you 939 over clockers
might be interested

Opteron 165 $104.00/free shipping

Opteron 170 $118.00/free shipping

Both of your links lead to the 165 so here is the correct link to the 170 :wink:

Thats a fantastic price for a great CPU. I run the Opteron 180 Dual Core. These CPUs were over 500.00USD when they first were introduced and socket 939 processors are hard to find now.:iagree:

ive got a nice 3 ghz opty in my brothers machine their seriously nice cpus :slight_smile:

What model Opteron would that be that runs at 3.0Ghz, the 185 runs at 2.6GHz, I don’t think the 190 was ever released. Maybe you mean you OC it to 3.0Ghz?

Thank you for your kindness :clap: