AMD 64 CPU with AGP board

I have an ATI 850xt pe graphics card but it’s agp. Now i want to upgrade the CPU to 64bit however every board i see is the new pci-express.

Anyone know of any 939pin motherboards with agp still used?

Right about now, 16 “helpfull” people will jump in and tell you to dump the AGP and go with PCI-X. Ignore them. :iagree:

Then, visit THE EGG

For value, I chose a Soltek, but be aware they are going out of business as far as making boards. The 2 Soltek boards are reviewed as some of the fastest boards around, If you wish to OC that 64, (very easy to do with the right RAM), the MSI and DFI are the most favored, although I get a very stable 25% OC on my San Diego with the Soltek. The NF-4 boards are by far the most popular, but alas none of them are AGP. NF3-250 is the second choice for Nvidia.

There are more than enough nice mainboards for s939 with an AGP slot. It will work like a charm.

As you have quite a nice card, I guess you are into gaming, right? If so, it maybe would be a good idea to sell that AGP card and get a PCIe one, as you will most likely be upgrading your VGA card before you’ll upgrade that mainboard (and everything that comes along with it) again.

PEG doesn’t offer nothing really over AGP so far, except you wanted to use SLI or Crossfire with many bucks spending…

True, but the thing is that for those that upgrade their VGA frequently that AGP is dying.

Abit AV8
works great and does not cost much.
had the same problem some time ago, when my athlon xp died, but i wanted to keep my ati x800pro agp-card.
the abit AV8 does not cost much, but it’s very reliable and fast. it’s ok for now, as long as i use my agp card…

ok thanks a lot guys, most helpful.

Dee-ehn you made a good point about when everything else goes out of date, never thought of that.
I currently have amd 3200+ overclocked but it just doesn’t keep up with the card. A situation has come up for me to upgrade my CPU and mainboard whilst keeping my other parts, so will take advantage of that and keep my agp graphics.

Everytime i promise myself i will not uprgrade until the next gen comes out something always interferes :smiley:

lol I think I recognize that behaviour :smiley:

Abit AV8 is known although to be a bitch regarding memory… I’d preferably skip that one.