AMD 5000 series CPU's are absolute beasts

AMD 5000 series CPU’s are available in the shops from Nov 5th 2020.

No need for me to say anymore. Just watch the video.


Wow Zen 4, never thought it would come out this fast.Zen 4 launches on 5nm

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Are these CPUs using the AM4 socket?

Yes AM4, but will NOT be supported on the 300 series motherboards at all.
At launch they will only be supported on 500 series motherboards. So X570 and B550 (BIOS update required).
From Jan 2021 they will be supported on 400 series motherboards, but only motherboards that vendors supply a BIOS for.
AMD will make a 400 series generic BIOS, and leave it up to the vendors to do the rest.


as tasty as 5950x is , my 3950x doing things well with a 3080 so

Likewise with my i9 9900KF and RTX 2060 Super.
No point in me going for an RTX 3000 series as it has the same NVENC engine as the RTX 2060 Super, and you can’t buy an RTX 3000 series in any case.
Where, and how did you manage to get an RTX 3080?
And what price did you pay?

RTX 3000 series no use for me for gaming either. My 4K monitor was bought because of its colour accuracy, rather than super fast refresh rates. It can only do 60Hz at 4K, and the few games I have can all do more than 60fps at 4K. So no point in me buying something more powerful.

The Ryzen 5000 series are super impressive, and are tempting, and if I was going for one it would be the 5900X 12 core version. But, I’m not willing spend the required amount for that CPU and an X570 motherboard.

BTW. Most of the X570 motherboards already have BIOS updates for Ryzen 5000.

I got 4 on release day 2 from ocuk 2 from ccl 719 and 735 respectively :wink: , my x570 bios is beta for ryzen 5k support rumour has it full release drops end of oct , and i game on my pc so 3080 was a good choice specially when i got 600 for my 2080ti with waterblock

Why did you need 4 of them?

1 for brother 1 for me, i just happened to land on 4 , which i sold the 2 at cost on as much as i could have sold them on for