Amd 2.4 come up as 1800+

just put in a amd xp 2.4+ in my k7vmm v1.2a with a 1.21.12 bios upgade on it and it only come up as a 1800+ running at 1500 any one got any idea how to get it up to full speed

k7vmm 1.2a with 1.21.12 bios upgrade on it that supose to surport amd xp 2.4
256 ddr
80 gig hard drive
40 gig hard drive
xp and me

This is due to the incorrect FSB (front side bus) setting ie its set to low.
I’m unsure off the top of my head and I’m half asleep so I can’t be bothered to search for you but try the amd website or Knowledge base is probably best

i sorted it , i guess it was some thing to do with the fsb i
for got to move the clock jumper on the mobo , it dawn on me last night when i was half a sleep in bed ,funny how you remember thing when you are in bed

thank for the input john boy

No probs, glad I could be of help.