Amd 1900+ fsb settings

I have just buil a AMD XP1900+ based on the MSI KT6 Delta fsr m/board with 512Mb 333 DDR Geforce FX5200 128mb with Windows XP. The problem im having is that with the FSB set to factory 100 with a multiplier of 12 im getting the expected 1200 and when i increase the fsb to the stated 133 the system boots to Xp desktop and after 5 seconds the screen goes blue and immediatly shuts down my system.
At a 100 fsb Core centre reads Cpu temp at idle 55oC and after a hour or so on UT2003 about 64oC these temps are within AMD spec but still my cpu is underclocked. System temps are between 41-51oC.
I have a Akaska fan for a XP3200+ which i thought would be adequate as it spins upto 6500rpm. Is there something im doing wrong?
If anyone has the correct settings for the bios that will fix my problem plz help!! I really dont want to fry my system!

By the way there is no jumper settings to change on the board according to the manual either. I have searched the net for help somebody must know!! please help!

Most modern modern motherboards are jumper-less (most times only 1 jumper to reset CMOS).

I think this is all related to the temprature as my 1800 is currently 42oC on the processor and 36oC on the motherboard and that’s after being run for about 6 hours.
There are a few things you could try such as seeing if the computer stays on longer with the case off (in wich case it’s a ventilation problem and you should look closley at the case and where it is situated), look at the RPM of the CPU fan and see if it is running at the right speed (as a refrence mine is currently running at 4440 RPM).
Also have a look at your graphics card and make sure that it’s fan is running OK as it this overheats then this would crash XP as well.
In the BIOS under the Power Management setrtings is the CPU Critical Temprature setting. Check to see if this is set too high (or low!).

The joy of water cooling…
A constant 28-32 degrees Celsius :wink:

Hi and welcome to the forum!

When you installed your CPU cooling, did you apply thermal grease to the CPU? Or was perhaps the heatsink equipped with thermal grease? If not, the cause can easily be the poor heat conduction between the CPU and the heatsink.

You know how to mount a socket A CPU cooling, right? I know too many people that demolished their CPU by mounting it the wrong way…

My heatsink has thermal pad on it and i fitted it according to the manual so i think its right, it looks right anyway compared to others ive seen! any tips or images? i tried running with my case lid and sides off and a fsb of the normal 100 and it did run considerably cooler should i get extra fans? how do i use extra fans and how much should i be paying (no watercooling thanks!) my graphics card hasnt got a fan should it have? no mention of it in the spec or manual. will v score or any other voltage settings have ne thing to do with it?

Case fans might be an answer, if you can fit them to your case that is… have a look to see if there are any screwholes or holders inside.
Another option might be to see where the most heat is and drill a few more holes into the case aroud that area so the heat can escape quicker.

Does your graphic card look something like this…

If so then then yes you have a fan.
The FX 5200 series of graphic chips run hot… VERY hot and need some serious cooling and ventilation to help.

The Athlon should be able to run without any casefans installed (it should work fine up to 85C!), but it is very (very very) wise to install casefans. If your case isn’t prepared for any casefans (quite strange nowadays), you might want to cut some holes in your case (if you know how to do it, the result will be marvelous).

Anyhow, to check if your CPU cooling is mounted correctly, all you need is one tool: your hand! For the best, start Windows, install Prime95 (see my sticky thread in this forum about Hardware problems detecting for a download location) and run the torture test. After a couple of minutes, put your hand on the heatsink and feel if it’s warm. If you mainboard reads a 50C temperature, while the heatsink feels link 20C, there must be something wrong with the conduction of the heat…

i now have fitted 2 case fans 1 fan at the front of the case at the bottom blowing inwards and 1 fan at the rear of the case blowing outwards. is this coorect way of fitting? i have space for 3 more fans at the front and space for 1 more at the rear. i can now run the 133fsb and get 1604 mhz at a temp of 64oC and system temp of 55oC is this better or should i put a couple more fans in?
I have since found out that my graphics card doesnt have a fan but requires decent case cooling.
Thanks for all your help so far though!
Not much more needed hopefully!