AMD 1800+ MotherBoard!

Hey there!
I am looking to buy an AMD 1800+ Processor so i need a new mobo! I need to have the following:

DDR Memory
Legacy Ports - (Ps/2 and Serial)
Full Windows XP compatibilty!

So what motherboard would any of you people recomend? I want a good make to! like Abit or Asus!
Please help me!

You want quite a lot …

i’d go for stable ol’ asus a7v series

I am looking to buy an AMD 1800+ Processor so i need a new mobo!


I have an athlon xp1900+ on an ASUS A7A-266/E MB which is ATA-133 ready and my os is Xp home editon. I upgraded from an athlon 1200mhz on an ASUS A7A-266(old one but good). here are some specs for A7A-266/E:

chipset ALI MAGIK 1 chipset (M1647 north bridge with M1535D+ southbridge)
266/200 mhz fsb
2x ddr dimm sockets (max 2gig pc2100/pc1600 ddr sdram)
3x sdram dimm sockets(max 3gig pc133 sdram)
1x agp pro/agp 4x
5 x pci
1x amr
2x ultra dma/133/100/66 ide ports

Dude go for an ASUS MB they are absolutely flawless. I have not once had a problem with the AlI chipset which is used on the A7A series:D

If you want more power and less funcions than ASUS (who needs integrated firewire and 6 channel sound? :)) you should go for either a Gigabyte 7VRXP or a MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU.

Or check them all at