AMD 1700+ and LG GSA-4163B limitations?




I don’t know much about DVDs and have just purchased a LG GSA-4163B. My machine is 3 years old with an AMD 1700+ processor, Gigabyte motherboard, 512mg RAM, Windows 98SE and a ATI Radeon 7500 All-In-Wonder videocard (64 meg). What performance limitations might I expect comparison to a more powerful recent machine and how might I configure my machine to optomize its performance? As well, I also just purchased a Phillips DVP642 DVD player and would welcome suggestions as to what kind of DVD recordable media (Fujifilm, Sony DVD-R or DVD+R?)would be suitable for this set up?

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I have almost the same setup as you except that I am running window xp pro sp2. So far I have not hit any limitations. I have only burnt DVD’s at 8X as that is the fastest DVD blank that you can get. I have the GSA-4120B.



I have a 4163B also, I bought FujiFilm DVD + R 8X (Yuden T02 ) and it burns at 12X just fine.

I bought 6 100 stacks at Best Buy just before Christmas for $40.00 each.

This is excellent media.

I don’t think you will have to reconfigure your machine in any way.


Same processor, same writer, 16x no problem. It’s would be best if you got at least 2 HDDs. Don’t share yr storage devices also.


Yeah AMD XP1600+ here and no problems. CPU usage goes up to 48% at 8x with virus scanner running and 43% without. I only have a 5400rpm IDE hdd for temp files/burning data, but if the “source” files are not scattered all over the partitions, the minimum transfer rate of 45MB/sec should be fast enough for 16x writing. I have my system on SCSI btw, so the 5400rpm hdd is accessed only for the data to write. Havent done any 16x writing so far, but 12x burn on 8x DVD-R media was pretty ok anyway.



Thanks for the information. I got it installed and did a successful burn of a bit over 4 gig in a little under 8 min so not bad for the first time. Now I have to sort out some other software issues. (see my posting in Newbie section on LG DVD Writer Soln not installing under 98SE.

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