Amd 1.4 tbird

i have this 1.4 t-bird processor and a soyo k7ada motherboard. the fsb is set by a jumper on the motherboard. sometimes the computer won’t turn on when the fsb is set at 266. so if i shut down then try to turn it back on it won’t turn on until i give it like a 10-30 minute rest or some shit. i have a 300 watt power supply so what could be the problem. it turns on when fsb at 200 but then it clocks itself at 1050mhz.

Your CPU FSB is set at 100 MHZ, while it needs to be set at 133 MHz.

In order to fix this, you need to set the bus speed and ratio to a default in BIOS. Or you can also try to clear the CMOS by shorting a jumper on the mainboard.

Then, you must set the CPU FSB to 133 MHz(DDR 266 MHz). Look in your mainboard’s manual. It’s probably some jumper on your mainboard that needs to be removed.
Now your CPU will standardly be set at 1400 MHz.

I was having the same problem with my system the first time I turned it on.
I have an ECS k7s5a MB and a 1.2 tbird proc. and the 512 megs of pc133 ram

I turned it on and it read out as a 900mhz processor. I’m thinking what the ?! I checked the core on the chip, and it was labelled 1200, so I finally realized it was the bus speed. When you move it from 100mhz to 133, the core speed ups, and that’s where the extra mhz comes from.

What I’m wondering is what the hell happens when I pull the pc133 out and stick in some ddr in the ddr socket? I mean, that’s faster ram, right? Or is it just that it’s double data rate, so it won’t make a difference?