AMC/Mediasonic/Hotway HC1-U2FW



Has anyone here used this enclosure by AMC (model HC1-U2FW):

Or it’s twin from Mediasonic (model HC1-U2FWRB):

I believe the enclosure is actually manufactured by a company called Hotway in Taiwan, but AMC and Mediasonic sell it here in the states.

It’s supposed to have a Genesys Logic GL711E chipset for Firewire, and a Genesys Logic GL811E chipset for USB (don’t know if it’s revision 02 or 04).

How is the performance and reliability of the GL711E? Most of the discussion in this forum has been about the GL811E (USB2), but I’m curious as to how the GL711E compares to other Firewire chipsets.

Also, can anyone confirm that this particular enclosure has the GL811E-04 chipset, and not the GL811E-02 chipset?