Ambiguous Burner



I have an external burner with both FireWire and USB. When I connect it to my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, EAC identifies it as having ‘Accurate Stream’ and that it is capable of retrieving C2 error information, and that it DOES NOT cache audio data (which EAC says will make audio extraction “even more complicated and insecure!”). THIS HAPPENS BOTH WHEN I CONNECT IT VIA FIREWIRE AND USB.

When I connect this same burner to my friend’s Dell desktop–it doesn’t have FireWire, so USB is the only way I can connect it–EAC says the burner caches audio data. And yes, he has the same version of EAC I’m using.



Must be the laptop, try another laptop if you can and see if it helps.My nec in an extrnl. works beter on fw, also the chips used in the ext. very and some may work better with the chip in the host computer.
And last are they both usb2?


My laptop has USB2, but it’s possible that my friend’s computer has only USB1


When I was doing a test burn on his old Dell, the burner was constantly stopping–literally like every few seconds, so that’s either because he only has USB1 and/or I’m pretty sure his computer was below the minimum Mhz requirements of my drive.


You might go to dell and see if there are any updates,also if you tell it to update the drivers(in device manger)and allow windows to check the web it may find some.