Ambient temperature/humidity & burn quality

Does ambient temperature and humidity affect burn quality significantly? Today it jumped to 83F in my home, right now at 11:30 PM it’s still 80F. I’m enjoying it so I have not turned on the AC yet. My CMC E01 burns have been substantially worse today, on 3 different brands. By this, I mean 2 to 4 times the amount of PIF I was getting up until today. I’m thinking the only thing that has changed is the ambient temperature - either that or my 1620 is dieing (after ~1 month!).

Any thoughts?

I’ll burn a TY T02 just to confirm.

P.S. I tried rebooting and that seems to have helped a bit. This is messed up, as I usually have week-long uptimes - I only reboot when I need to change hardware.
P.P.S. This just goes to show you how important it is to scan your burns on a writer. For me it’s standard practice - I scan every burn; this is the first time it has payed off by uncovering a problem.

Hmm, problem seems to have gone away. It is quite a few degrees cooler now, about 77F in the room where the burner is (down from 83-84F). I would still love to get some feedback on the subject.

Exploring the reboot scenario: I’ve burnt w/o any problems w/o rebooting the computer for 5-7 days - why would it need a reboot all of the sudden? There was no bandwidth issue. I understand Windows “getting stupid” and needing a reboot, but the burner itself?