Amazon's best selling title is Blu-ray

I just posted the article Amazon’s best selling title is Blu-ray.

While the Blu-ray and downloadable HD TV formats still have a long way to go before either take over the DVD market, going by Amazon’s top selling DVDs, the number one selling movie is no longer…

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I don’t know what surprises me more. That a bluray title is selling better than a DVD title, or that so many people actually want to see willie smith. But seriously (I was serious about first paragraph also), is this for real? The fact that bluray player adoption is far below that of DVD players makes this seem really strange, for a blu title to be #1 sales at amazon movies. What gives?

Blu Ray discs are often $10 cheaper at Amazon than at retail while DVDs are comparable when first released. I buy all my Blu Ray online. $34.95 from Target or Best Buy is insane!

And - don’t forget - Warner is punishing HD-DVD customers by holding back the release of “I Am Legend” in HD-DVD format for another 3 weeks which just eliminates any high def competition for blu-ray - - for a while anyway. I’m waiting the 3 weeks for the hd-dvd version, thank you. :X
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Blu-ray titles are WAY overpriced. I’m sticking with DVD thank you. Sony can go shove their beta-ray crap where the sun doesn’t shine :slight_smile:

cd freeks are realy likking sonys ***,these days sony don,t even whipe it first go lik cb,f

I consider Blu-Ray a typical consumer society gadget. DVD is good enough as it is and I am not willing to throw away my DVD collection of over 1000 titles just to buy a new Blu Ray movies more expensive and with an uncertain future. Let us have a more permanent format and plain DVD is the best and most successful of them all.