Amazon Unbox Ripoff?

Hi everyone. I just purchased 4 episodes of 24 season 7 using Amazon Unbox. I was planing on burning them to a DVD so I could watch them on my TV. I’m just now finding out that I can only view them as a WMA file on my PC. I feel ripped off. I want to watch my movies from my couch not from my computer alone. Is there a remedy? They are purchased… I have the bill to prove it. thanks!!

Hi and Welcome!

Amazon Unbox is a Video On Demand offer for DRM-protected video content to download. Playback of that material is only possible with certain, “Authorized” devices.
You should have read the FAQ (, and especially their ToS before purchase.


Look up FairUse4WM. It is a DRM removal tool for purchased Windows Media files.

I would start with the software suggested by Kerry56.If it works that will be easier.

I don’t have any videos of this kind so I can’t say this will work.
I ran across this & have suggested it before for audio files.I don’t have any DRM protected files so I haven’t tried it & no one has told me it worked for them.
Watch this YouTube:…
I know it doesn’t exactly apply .
Now try this:
Simply put in the YouTube video
1.He uses Nero to make an image file of the protected download.
So you need software that will make an image file from the downloaded file or files.Maybe ImgBurn.
2. A virtual drive to mount the image file in.
The one I have is VirtualClone drive.
3. A converter software to convert the file on the virtual drive,He converts to .mp3.You want something playable on DVD so from the virtual drive load the WMA in DVDFlick & see if it will encode it to DVD complient folder & files.
Are you sure you have a WMA file & not a WMV file ?
Please let us know what you try & if it worked.