Amazon UK - Black Friday deal on Sandisk 240GB SSD



Amazon UK has a Black Friday deal on the SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB SSD for £39.99 inc. delivery, the cheapest I’ve seen on a 240GB SSD to date.

For those who need something somewhat larger, they also have the Samsung 850 Evo 2 TB SSD for £439.20, but on a time/stock limited lightning deal only.


Wow, €39.99!

That’s about £28.

It’s amazing how far these things have come down in price. :eek:



Sorry, that should have been £39.99. :doh:

I’m so used to typing the Euro symbol that I sometimes make this mistake typing Pound prices.


They had a 480GB Corsair XL SSD on Amazon for 129.99USD, but it only lasted about 2 hours. LOL


Got the 480 GB for £79.99 on a lightning deal - not the worlds fastest (TLC never is) but for under a ton… hmm, could have RAID 0’d a pair of 240’s, I suppose.