Amazon to launch music service with own proprietary players

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 The  online leading book  store, Amazon has plans to take on the iPod and iTunes by launching their own  Amazon branded portable music players and subscription based music service in the near ...
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I agree, DRM is getting out of hand. Just think if auto makers did this. I’m sorry but your new Ford truck will only work with Ford gas or I’m sorry but you must pay a monthly subscription fee or your new Lexus will stop working.

Well, my original reaction to the intial headline was “LOL… GOOD LUCK”, but after reading the whole article, I have lost my sense of humor and feel sick. :r

I think this is great. The more that they abuse DRM like this, the more normal consumers will get sick of it and seek unrestricted usage. In the end they’ll have to back down and the ones providing a more unrestricted service will win.

This will only work if they give away the proprietary players for free. Yeah right. So then you will have to decide which player you want to take along with you, ipod? amazon player? playforsure player? You will need each one to hear all your music. I smell bullshit!

The people never learn. It is the propritary player stuff that stunts the market. It discourages inteplayability.


Considering that we go to Amazon to buy MP3/WMA/etc. playing devices, wouldn’t it be a little counterproductive to also sell Amazon-brand/format DAPs? It ain’t gonna fly, Orville. Especially when you have Pebbles, Beans, Pods, and dozens of other devices that do more and better and look snazzy too…

It has reminded me of the old computer days where there’s multiple OS at the same time and how inconvienent that was. Finally DOS won and PC took off. It seems to me that this DRM is going back to the old days. We are not advancing!

Yawn As someone who uses a DAP that doesn’t support DRM, all I can say is, GOOD LUCK F***KERS!