Amazon still hiding Kindle sales numbers

I just posted the article Amazon still hiding Kindle sales numbers.

Amazon has said its Kindle e-reader is a successful product, but continues to frustrate Wall Street analysts by never disclosing public sales figures.

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Well my little sister requested and received one for her birthday this year and continues to buy and get free books for it and seems to really like it and use it so I think people are buying them that can afford the tech.
It’s kinda like having a media player just for books so you don’t have to clutter your house up with hundreds and hundreds of books you have to stash somewhere.

Personally I love the Kindle, it allows me to download many books and change the font size so I dont have to struggle with my reading glasses. For me its been a real revelation. I just wish they would allow my son to download all his school books so his backpack didn’t weigh 40lbs.:bigsmile: