Amazon shocks Samsung with low-priced HDTV

I just posted the article Amazon shocks Samsung with low-priced HDTV. often brings high-end products at a low price since they can due to supply and demand. To shock many, Amazon now offers Samsung’s 61-inch HDTV for $1,349, which is 41 percent lower than…

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Wow… that’s an impressive price for that size, specially taking into consideration that Smasung makes prety good LCDs.


  1. This is ** NOT AN LCD **. This model is a DLP projection TV. 2. dropped the price to $1199.99 3. Nothing special about this price - Do a froogle search and you’ll find an even lower price. 4. As stated on the Amazon product page for the HLT6176S, this model is being phased out by Samsung - to be replaced by the HL61A650.

Never cared for Samsung TV’s but maybe that is because I have been using Pioneer’s for the last 5 years and they make everything else out there look ugly by comparison. I guess for the price its not such a bad deal. Personaly I would just keep saving until you could buying a higher quality model after all ist the the whole point of upgrading to HDTV, to get the best picture quality you can?