Amazon Prime Instant Video now allows offline video on SD cards

We’ve just posted the following news: Amazon Prime Instant Video now allows offline video on SD cards[newsimage][/newsimage]

Amazon users in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria and Germany that are subscribed to Amazon Prime Instant Video can now store offline content on a SD card on Android tablets and smartphones.

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While Amazon is quite happy to take my non US money from my non US credit card for purchases and Amazon Prime sub  it really pisses me off that this money is not good enough to rent or purchase Prime TV programs or movies…

While I am hardly a potential customer for any such program, I see what you mean. It is irritating and downright alienating with artificial geological borders on a global internet where other users get access to contents you and I do not.

I can only speak for myself, but I never feel much Norwegian when I enter the net, more so I feel like one of you, wherever you may be from and the content is available, now isn’t it. The only thing such artificial borders contribute to is piracy and I actually think piracy is a good thing as a ‘up yours’ to both organizations and existing non-logical laws in such a case

Isolated though, giving the customer the benefit of bringing their library with them on an SD card or five seems a good move to loosen restriction and make the product more customer friendly.

Then we may go back to ranting again and promote piracy as a tool to make idiots see what is bleeding obvious to the rest of us :bigsmile:

… and for those who really want to subscribe and think a VPN fix that, they’ll face this if their monitor/laptop is not HDCP compliant. :doh:

Indeed the HDCP makes no sense in the real world as it’s only the paying customers that will ever see that error. If the paying customer cancels their subscription and gets a bootleg HD copy, then voilà , no HDCP error. Therefore, HDCP encourages piracy! :wink:

Even here in Ireland Amazon UK really tries to push their Prime service (I regularly get e-mails) and certainly has no problem taking payment for it, yet no where does it mention that it is geographically restricted to the UK, including for deliveries.

For example, when I had an Amazon Prime trial, everything that was sold or fulfilled by Amazon showed “Sorry, we can’t deliver this item to Ireland”. For anything I wanted, I had to select the supersaver shipping option just to be able to order it. Like paulw2 mentioned, it was the same for Amazon Prime video. But as far as payment goes, they have no problem charging my card for the Amazon Prime privilege.

So like the VPN providers, here in Ireland, we have at least 4 different Virtual UK address couriers. Once signed up, the courier provides a virtual UK address that you use for Amazon or online shops that only deliver to the UK and the courier then brings the parcels into Ireland either at a collection point or the user’s home address. To give an idea of how popular these services are, Parcel Motel which provides a UK virtual address had a week long backlog of parcels as a result of Amazon’s Prime Day.