Amazon one step closer to HD downloads

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Not officially confirmed by company officials yet, it looks like online retailer Amazon is one step closer to rolling out $2.99 high-definition TV episode downloads through its Video on Demand…

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Ouch! That makes a 24 episode series $71.76. Cheaper to wait for the Blu-ray surely? Still I guess the HD TV Pass may go some way to redress this. What happens when your storage device crashes though, do you have to re-buy everything?

We still seem to be a way off perfection, where for a fixed fee per month you simply stream anything you want to watch, when you want to watch it. Leaving someone else to worry about the storage headache. But I guess that the vast majority of us are still waiting for our 100Mbps Broadband lines aren’t we!

Will you be able to watch it on your tv?

I guess so - just hook up your tv to your laptop / PC :slight_smile:

What about bandwidth? What about traffic caps? Uhmm, it looks like something the content providers might be interested in but something that the ISPs will be very keen to see fail.

Rip-off. I can see doing movies but TV episodes? You can watch these for free or just record them. Maybe at $.99, it would be more palatable but $3, get out of here.

Rofl, way too expensive for something you can see for free already.