Amazon: Memorex 4.7GB 8x DVD-R (100 Pk) $29.99 Shipped

Memorex 4.7GB 8x DVD-R (100-Pack Spindle) $29.99 Shipped

For 16X Best Buy has:

Memorex 50-Pack 16x DVD+R Disc Spindle $19.99

Memorex 50-Pack 16x DVD-R Disc Spindle $19.99

Unless you know that your burner handles Memorex media, I would not recommend them, they are made by CMC in Taiwan and their reputation is questionable.

The 16x Memorex DVD+R I got were MCC 004 which burns really well in my BenQ.

That is very good media code Verbatim 16x + uses that media code, I would definately buy more if you were sure you could get the same.

Finding MCC 004 in a memorex spindle is like playing lottery, your odd is low, you get mostly Philips C16 (made by CMC). I cant believe memorex would use ultra low quality disc, even optodisc, I found a spindle of 8X memorex inkjet printable for $40 at OM, I opened the spindle and looked underneath the disc and found this serial number OPCDR******, which is optodisc. So NO MORE MEMOREX FOR ME, I dont like playing guess games.