Amazon Maketpalace?



I found Wavelab (high end audio software) that I want to buy used on Amazon Maketpalace. The problem is that the seller has no history. The item list for $699. Most places will sell it for $449. I found a place that will sell it new for $250. The used seller wants ~$125 for the software. How good is Amazon’s Safe buying guarantee?


Pretty good. Some SOB gave me a PIRATED copy of a game i purchased, told amazon -sorted. Excellent service. Its always best to buy from a seller that has a solid history.

My advice - go for it. Amazon will cover you if you dont like it if in doubt read there policy or some shit like that.


/me fully agrees with Merther02. Never had troubles with Amazon and/or Amazon Marketplace.

I buy most of my Anime’s via Amazon Marketplace


Bah! They won’t ship video games to Canada! :Z


They should do you tried ?


They only ship:
Books, CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, VHS Videotapes and DVDs
to Canada.

Video Games for whaevet reason aren’t allowed.