Amazon looking into free Kindles

Amazon looking into free Kindles.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Amazon is reportedly trying to figure out how it can give away its Kindle e-reader without losing gobs of money in the process.

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Well I guess that MAY be one way to get people to keep buying over priced E books, provided they don’t have a problem shelling out 79 bucks a year to get it.
Have to wait and see how this whole mess shakes out I think before anyone does anything.

If they can get there price down to $150 or so they should be good. No one will spend $500 on device like the Ipad when they can get a kindle for $150 and not worry as much about it breaking when they carry it around. And for $500 you should just get a netbook or laptop then DL E-books to your computer.

If one just wants an eBook, then besides the vast price difference, the Kindle does have a few advantages over the iPad. Some people get a headache when looking at a backlit screen over a long period and the Kindle is not backlit. The iPad requires Wi-Fi or a cellular plan to download books, but the Kindle operates via cellular without paying for a data plan. The Kindle weighs less than half that of the iPad.

Of course for other purposes, the iPad does have its own advantages, such as apps, colour screen, video playback, etc.

I could see some sort of subscription or “agreement to buy” plan bundled up with a free kindle. Maybe something like “commit to buying 24 e-books over the next 2 years and get a Kindle free”. If you’re going to buy a Kindle, wouldn’t you be buying a ton of e-books anyway?

I already own two Kindle I readers (one for me and one for the wife). I have already purchased many ebooks, probably more than any plan would require me to buy. I wonder if I could get a free Kindle II for signing up?
Free is good, especially if it’s something you are already buying.