Amazon launches less expensive ad-supported Kindle

Amazon launches less expensive ad-supported Kindle.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Those who are considering the purchase of a Kindle e-reader will soon have a lower-priced option available, but Amazon has a grand plan to make up for, and possibly exceed, the lower profit margin they’ll receive.

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“For now, the ads will be limited to the device’s screen savers and the bottom of the home page.”

Major emphasis on “For Now”. You can bet it won’t be too long before there will be an ad between every page.

The screen is already small… wasting space to placing ads is a dumb idea in my opinion.

Moreover, if you are reading a book, something you’ll not need at all is an animated gif or a blinking object that distract you from what you’re reading :disagree:

We are already surrounded by annoying ads everywhere… I wonder when someone will try to put ads also in toilet paper too :rolleyes: