Amazon introduces ‘Snowmobile’ to transfer petabytes of data faster than ever

We’ve just posted the following news: Amazon introduces ‘Snowmobile’ to transfer petabytes of data faster than ever[newsimage][/newsimage]

Amazon has revealed a new service to transfer hundreds of petabytes of data as soon as possible to the cloud. The transfer is far from regular, the data doesn’t go over the usual DSL, cable or fiber connection, neither is it wirelessly transmitted.

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How many people do you actually think have Petabytes of data to actually transfer to the Cloud. Yes , maybe server farms or other companys that already are using Cloud services from MS or other large Cloud service providers. I would venture to say that no one I know has a Petabyte of data on there computer. :disagree:

If Amazon ever gets its drone-based delivery service going, I wouldn’t be surprised if their next AWS feature is “Upload your data by drone”. I.e. fill up your multi-terabyte HDDs, place them outside and watch the drones carry them one by one to “The cloud”. Then again, in this case you could really have a hard drive crash from the cloud if there’s a drone mishap…

Speaking of data crashes, can anyone imagine what would happen it the truck drives had too much alcohol to drink? Or worse, if they had self-driving Microsoft trucks that received an unstable update, which could have resulted in a BSOD, possibly causing one AWS truck to smash into another. What if said update was automatically rolled out to the entire fleet?:eek::eek::eek::eek: