Amazon introduces Kindle 2 ebook reader

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Amazon today officially introduced its second electronic book reader, officially announcing the Kindle 2 ebook reader around one year after the original was launched.
The first edition of Kindle was…

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I love when companies actually listen to consumers when it comes to making upgrades on products! Amazon took most of the complaints that Kindle owners had and tried to fix them for Kindle 2.

Hopefully they have a larger stock of products, but we’ll see…

WTF Why does this thing need a keyboard? The screen in the screenshot shows about one paragraph and that is all the screen can hold? At about one dollar less than a paperback for the “ebook” I think I will stick with turning pages. Plus, I read a little about this thing and it is kind of like an iPod was at first, as in that it can only use ebooks from Amazon. If this is the case- it really sucks. Also, I cannot imagine anyone other than the visually impared using the read aloud feature. If you cannot see, then use audio books and put them on an MP3 player- it is much handier. This Kindle is as big as a damn etch a scetch! Dump the read aloud components, the keyboard and replace it with a touch screen and drop the useless wireless download feature. Then lower the price to 100 bucks since you have to pay out the yin yang to Amazon for anything to read on it- and you might have something.

I own a Kindle 1, and I don’t really have any complaints about it. The keyboard is for searching the book(s) and for ordering new books from Amazon, and for web browsing.
It’s very handy for traveling, when you want to take along more than one or two books.
The electronic books for Kindle are actually significantly cheaper than the hard copies, about half for hard cover and about $2-$3 less for paperbacks.
It tends to work better for fiction than it does for technical books, although the search feature is useful for technical books.

But can you buy second hand e-books? I’m not sure what charity shops will do when we all switch to these.

Greenman, you are a trip. Hahaha