Amazon introduces Kindle 2 ebook reader

Amazon today officially launched the Kindle 2 ebook reader.

Linkage to the Amazon Kindle 2 page

My article about the Kindle 2 product launch

Do you have an original Kindle? Will you consider purchasing a Kindle 2? I managed to purchase an original Kindle and absolutely love it! I’m going to try and purchase a Kindle 2 before they immediately sell out and won’t be available for months (hopefully won’t happen again, but interest appears to be quite high for the second Kindle device).

I spend a lot of time commuting by train, and it’s nice to have some reading material while on the train. :iagree:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I love my Kindle 2!!!:slight_smile:

[QUOTE=brownmermaid;2294814]I love my Kindle 2!!!:)[/QUOTE]

I love my kindle too since it’s very handy. Kindle 2, been waiting for ya!!![FONT=verdana][I]