Amazon International Shipping filter fail


One thing that often bugs me with Amazon besides making many products Prime exclusive is that many products do not ship to Ireland. With some products that ship to Northern Ireland (part of the UK), I can get around the restriction using a virtual UK address service. Think of it like a VPN, but for physical products. However, there are still many products that don’t ship to Northern Ireland either, such as most products containing lithium ion batteries and many bulky products. Basically just try buying a power bank on Amazon from Ireland… :wink:

Anyway, up until recently it appeared that Amazon had no way of only showing search results for products that will ship to Ireland.

Now Amazon displays what looked like a promising header:

Amazon Ireland Delivery 1

Great, it looks like I can finally browse and search for products that ship to Ireland:

Amazon Ireland Delivery 2

OK, let’s give it a try. I click on the “Electronics & Photo” category and it displays the following page:

Amazon Ireland Delivery 3

Interesting, I didn’t release Fire TV was available yet to Irish customers, let alone a best seller either. Note once again the “International Shipping” filter with the red arrow above, clearly giving an impression these results are eligible for international shipping.

So let’s click that Fire TV Stick . . .

Amazon Ireland Delivery 4

As I suspected, a complete fail on Amazon’s international shipping filter . . . :confused:


Would the last person in Ireland please turn out thee lights when they leave for the USA. J/K :biggrin:


You should send them feedback about this and include those screenshots.


At the bottom of the search results, it has a feedback option, so I followed this.

From what I can tell, the international shipping filter is not even working. For example, I typed in “Power bank” and every single product I opened on the first page of results does not ship outside the UK:

Amazon international shipping bug

Basically it seems to display the same results like if I search directly on the Amazon homepage.

Unfortunately they didn’t give any ability to attach screenshots in their feedback form, so I just wrote the few steps to repeat the issue, i.e. click the “Free shipping to Ireland” homepage banner, type “power bank” in the international shipping search box and click any result.


They’re still at it - I got an e-mail about the refurbished Amazon Echo and just for curiosity clicked the link (not that I’m interested in buying one). Like the Fire TV stick above, it shows the line saying it only ships to UK & Ireland and then directly below that saying it does not ship to Ireland:

Interestingly, I don’t see any sign of the feedback link and there does not appear to be any way to contact Amazon that does not involve an existing order, i.e. there’s no word ‘feedback’ on that page to report a mistake like there was previously. Then again, their interntaional filter still does not filter out products that don’t ship outside the UK.