Amazon instant video had 'faltering start,' needs more content to compete

Amazon instant video had ‘faltering start,’ needs more content to compete.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Netflix owes part of its stranglehold on the commercial instant streaming market to a massive selection, estimated at over 30,000 shows and movies. If other companies hope to compete, they need to secure more content deals according to research group IHS iSuppli. Can Amazon play catch-up, or is it too late?

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More of the same 3rd-tier crap is not the same as “more choices”. The majority of the many Netflix titles available for streaming are stuff that isn’t worth anything. Plus, it’s no longer a “free” service. Netflix streaming now costs considerably more than Amazon Prime, and the shipping savings for Prime members make the streaming service truly free.

But this is all 3rd-tier stuff whether its Amazon or Netflix. This is what we used to see on late night TV. It’s not the future of streaming, its the past.