Amazon ebook pricing error leaves zombie author craving unpaid royalties



Amazon ebook pricing error leaves zombie author craving unpaid royalties.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Kindle Direct Publishing lets new, unproven writers self-publish and earn royalties. That is, when it doesn't accidentally give away your work. Author James Crawford learned the hard way that Amazon can be just as cruel as any book critic after it mistakenly listed his new book "Bloodsoaked & Contagious" as free, then refused to pay him royalties for the blunder.

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Yes, but he is using the same flawed calculations the Movie, Music and Software Industries use when looking at lost revenue from free (illegal) downloading. How many of those people would have actually paid full price for the book? I know I’ve downloaded free content that I would never had paid for (Legally of course) and more than half i haven’t even opened.

They make the rules, buyer (and seller) beware! Perhaps they won’t make the same mistake on the next one, as one would hope, since apperantly that is all you can do.


I just looked at this guys sales numbers through today…This guy has only sold 13 books the ENTIRE year…THIS IS A SCAM!! SHAME on him for dissing Amazon for publicity!

Even if it weren’t a scam…AS IF he would have SOLD 6,111 copies of his book? GET REAL!! Amazon wouldn’t owe this idiot a penny!! His book IS out there for free with the discounters. Price matching is clearly covered by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. The author caused this with so many ‘copies’ of his book! Not Amazon!
If you are going to self publish, read the rules! Not to mention, His royalty on each book is NOT close to $5.99! Depending on what country the purchase was made from, his royalty would be a FRACTION of $5.99.

PS…stay away from the discounters! Go with a publisher or accept the pitfalls of being a self-pubber! and I am NOT employed by Amazon or related to anyone employed there.


Err try looking on it says 28,116 pain in Kindle store next to Amazon rankings. It looks like the free publicity is working for him.