Amazon debuts Kindle Owner's Lending Library for Prime customers



Amazon debuts Kindle Owner’s Lending Library for Prime customers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Amazon is giving people even more of a reason to be Amazon Prime members. Up until today the benefits for Prime included free two day shipping as well as access to Amazon Instant Video. Now, the company is adding book rentals to the list of extras that Prime members have access to.

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I am a Prime member and I LOVE this service! I got my money’s worth after the first few months of ordering things with free 2-day shipping. I also use the Instant Video services quite often. Now with this book rental option, my Kindle will be getting used more often, too. :smiley:

I recommend the Prime membership to anyone who orders stuff online, likes to watch movies through the internet, and has or is thinking about getting a Kindle.


Just to let people know that the lending library is only for the main Prime member that owns an actual Kindle device. The Kindle app for other devices do not have this ability and those that you “share” your prime account with do NOT get the ability to borrow books.


I ususally do not endorse things but I am telling everyone that Amazon Prime is well worth the 79USD a year, I only had to pay 39USD because my son is in college and has a .edu addy. I order things all the time and it gets here before I know it.