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The service went beyond what one usually can expect

for me i just really like the site layout. most always have reviews, good product details and description, nice shipping information and easy tracking. i know other sites have related items and buy together deals, but i really like how amazon has made it all come together well. then to top it all off ive received excellent deals from the other merchants selling through amazon.

Everything that I’ve ordered from amazon has went smooth, plus they shipout really fast.

Everything is usually way beyond expected. Very good information on the website and fast shipping even the free shipping option. And from the only RMA I had, they handled them very professionally. Since it was the first RMA I called them to ask about shipping and surprisingly they cover the return shipping!


Amazon is my second most favorite buying site (right behind Newegg) and their return policy is the best on the Internet - e.g. if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit - they provide a return prepaid label and off it goes and the refund is posted back to your credit card account within two weeks - now [I]that[/I] is [I]service[/I] (and beats Neweggs)-eh!!!

The only thing I purchased from amazon was a online gift certificate which went well with no problems.

Have used Amazon quite often and cannot remember every having a complaint about them.

I’ve always wondering about amazon. After these good replies, I think I’ll give it a shot. I was looking at these two items on ebay

However, I think I’ll try Amazon for them now.


no problems with them so far

The marketplace at, the German division of, has the best prices for media in Europe, because the prices of the big Luxembourg dealers like and are actually lower there than in their own web shops (Luxembourg dealers usually have the best prices in Europe due to the lack of GEMA (and similar) royalties there). Add the good service of Amazon (easy payment, fast shipping etc.), and you have a winner combination.

I just paid ~€45 for 200 16x DVD+R and DVD-R Verbatim discs (4 x 50pcs), including shipping that is (~€8.50 a 50pcs cake without shipping). Highly recommended, especially for German users.

when trying to buy my new ls burner, I ran into unbelievable problems because I could only use paypal or my prepaid visa giftcard. For some reason, Paypal was showing unconfirmed shipping address, so I was out of luck at zipzoomfly, newegg, geeks, meritline, and others. After two weeks of headaches with customer service at all of the above, I found relief at - major credit card giftcards accepted!! Was able to buy from ( which actually had the lowest price) through them a-ok no hassles. Would probably have done this first if the product had been in stock when I first started looking. BUT, I am not sure if this was hassle free because I had ordered from amazon before and so had address on file. ANybody else have issues with prepaid cards?

Perhaps a tie for first with NewEgg. Always fast, always correct, alway no BS with returns. Like that great Seinfeld episode, you can say, “I’m returning this out of spite” and Amazon will say, “OK”.

I download albums, buy obscure books that I can’t find elsewhere and purchase electronics from them. Cool store, worth the online trip.

I’ve ordered many products from Amazon. No problems as of yet, my only issue is their shipping costs. Even then, with Amazon being one of the biggest sites on the net, chances are they will do fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazon always number 1 for me. And normally cheaper than the others as well. Hard act for the others to follow. Just my 2 cents! :slight_smile:

I have had good luck with Amazon. I don’t care for how you sometimes end up in a “merchants store” as I wound prefer to buy from Amazon proper. Just last week I bought an O2 sensor for my car, surprised as h*ll that they had it, and it was $25 cheaper than anyone local. I would not have thought of using Amazon for auto parts. So it goes…

I <3 amazon. Free shipping is good

I use and like Amazon

I have had very good experiences with Amazon. Last spring I ordered a Smoker/grill with the side box, it weighed approx. 140 lbs. and had [I][B]free shipping[/B][/I]. Other sites I checked wanted $70-$100 for shipping alone.


Lately I have been comparing Newegg prices with Amazon prices and in my case (living in California) the Amazon price is cheaper [I]and[/I] the added bonus is NO sales tax-eh!!

A great store. Even if you pay a few bucks more (and never much more, their prices are always close to the best by design), the excellent return policy and quick ship seals the deal. I have probably executed 100 transactions by now for the last 5 years, no problems whatsoever.