,why wont it connect?

well as seems to be the way things are going. I’ve tryed the network provider(comcast) & done as much as i know possible. now I’m asking at my favorate forum to see if any can helpme here. Ok, heres the problem.
i have an laptopthat will work on my home network(connect to
& if i take it to work & do the same thing there it works. but if i take it to my buds home, it seems to work fine(hes looking to purchase) but if he trys to connect to… it doesent connect?? we can ping the internet connection(comcast)…we can almost do everything!! but my friend wants to connect to & it dooesent!!! its driving me crazy!! :a :a
help me, no one else seems to have an sugestion.hopefully someone here can atleast point me in the right direction. :a :a why cant i in an cmd from dos ping amazon??whats up with that??help!!!

have you ever thought of your browser blocking the site?

yes i did,used ie,firefox,opera. none connect at my buds home!! first i thought it was the way his access point was set up. connected directly to the modum. still nothing!!

come on no other suggestions?? what else should i try??can i try?? i believe azamon is firewalled against being pinged now!! tryed from 4 different locations. 1 out of 4 x 4 went threw. you meen that this is the first time anything like this has happened??
any help would be appreaced…