discounting UMD movies for PSP by 30%

I just posted the article discounting UMD movies for PSP by 30%.

Well we have just a couple days left before the mighty PSP hits retail in the USofA. Looks like my friends that work at BestBuy will have to spring out of bed a litle early in order…

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When will be available mod chips and divx movies optimized for the screen size of the PSP it will make sense to have some movies on UMD-R or RW (if they will be available…). Having a single movie on an UMD just for the PSP is a waste of money…

Get ready to buy your favorite movies twice, or be forced to watch a UMD on your TV, at a hideous resolution. Eat it up consumers, Sony just discovered a way to make you pay twice for a product.

I thought that crap on the GBA was a dumb idea…this is no different.