$80 Xbox 360 HD DVD player + 6 HD DVDs

I just posted the article $80 Xbox 360 HD DVD player + 6 HD DVDs.

When you thought everything was getting ‘cheaper’, you were right! After costing $199, $179 and $129 now their is a new price announced for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 HD DVD player on…

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It’s already up to $155. You also have High Def Digest’s affiliate tag in your link. I’m sure they appreciate the business. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up Ian, affiliate tag removed :wink:

Another desperate attempt to restore the the balance… that or Amazon just doesn’t want to get stuck with all this soon to be worthless HD-DVD hardware and media. Makes logical sense.

This just gave me a great idea, I’ll put my HD-DVD for the 360 up for sale on Amazon while this still has momentum. I’ll include all my HD-DVD movies (about 4-6 titles that were only available on HD-DVD).
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People are INSANE for not taking advantage of the killer HD DVD deals going on right now. The DVD upscaling alone is worth buying thier stand alone players and the abiliies that this XBox drive has with computers makes the 80 bucks a steak of a deal. Thats of course not mentioning the 150 dollars in films that you get for free with each purchase. I for one could care less if HD DVD dies a few months down the road. There are already 1000+ titles available worldwide and no matter what Blu Ray supporters say, HD DVD movies do not self destruct once the format goes under. Just look at all of the people who supprted the Laserdisc market long after it was declred dead. Will you throw out your SD DVD’s if hat market were suddenly to go under? Dont get me wrong if HD DVD players were expenisve then I would be the first person to say dont buy them but 89.99 or 129.99 for a player that has fantastic upscaling capabilities plus gives you access to over 1000 titles in HD is a killer deal period, possibly the best deal we have seen in the past 10 years on the home theatre market. If you have a computer, Xbox360 or HDTV and your a movie lover then its simply foolish not to take advantage of these deals. Who knows, the deals may still get better in the months to come and as long as Univerasal and Paramount stay exclusive there will be a market for these players.

People are insane to buy into the HD format this early without a clear winner. Even IF HD-DVD players go under 50 bucks, I STILL won’t buy one. I will wait until a single format has beed declared a ‘winner’ before spending a single cent on hardware.

Too bad I didn’t follow through and sell fast enough, who’s going to want to buy it now? No one. At least not at a decent price. [Ad edited out] The only way it will sell now would be at yard sale prices. I guess I’ll keep it, it might become retro like Atari or something. Or maybe they’ll make HD-DVD recordables.

Scifer wrote " Too bad I didn’t follow through and sell fast enough" Confucius say He who learns but does not thinkis lost, He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.