Amazon CD mystery – Why do they sell so many CDs of $23,500

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I personally suspect it is the Yakuza’s scheme for money laundering.

Yes, I’ll vote “money laundering”, too.

Although, I vaguely remember an old game show, on either the Crushed Dwarf channel or the one with the pliers. Hmmm - I can’t remember. But I do remember that Mrs. Presky was offered either a bag or a chance to beat out the rhythm on the drums. She chose the bag. Then complained.

“Why - this is a bag of sh*t.”

“But it’s really great sh*t, Mrs. Presky.”

Somehow, I think $23k for a CD must be related to some Beat The Reaper game show.

Bait for millionaires?

I wouldn’t be surprised if some rich people sort prices from the most expensive for curiosity and buy some random items, possibly into believing that they are buying rare collectors items. With an effectively bottomless bank account, they probably wouldn’t give a second thought into checking either, much like a typical person buying a used CD thinking “It says it’s in good condition, so must be fine”

For someone selling the items, it just takes two or three sales and they’ve already earned a typical year’s salary.

I initially thought this was a typo–maybe $23.50. Nope. The number is right. I don’t understand the world. :doh:

Could it maybe be a result of pricing algorithms similar to when a book was selling for $23M on Amazon?

EDIT: Unlike the book about flies which I doubt anybody actually purchased at that price these CD’s are selling? How do we know that they are selling?

Sorry, I only buy CDs that have AutoRip and Prime shipping.

On ebay my brother will list an out of stock listing at an outrageous price to make sure nobody buys it and gives a bad review when they learn it’s out of stock. This keeps his listing active, current, and showing in Google. This could be the same concept.

Maybe they just want to find out if someone would actually be willing to buy something at those prices. Of course, I highly doubt anything will get sold, but I’m sure the music will still find it’s way into people’s collections… with said people being either too scared to admit where they got there files, or dumb enough to brag.