- Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X 100 DISCS - $19.99



Just came across this and went ahead for a refill:
They ship by Canada Post.

What I received was NOT the one shown on the picture though.
I got white printable discs in wrap. No codes and sings whatever. The wrap was very scratched and dusty and there were many glue leftovers from previously attached tags - obviously old stock (which I was hoping for).
Serial number: GG007035

First burn from the package: Smart Burn 3.1.16, OS ON @12x:


Happy shopping! :slight_smile:


Yo tonich-

Now I bet you wish you had bought more - [B][I]GREAT[/I][/B] scan - doesn’t get much better than that-eh!


I don’t burn that many DVDs any more, Mike. That stack should keep me running for a while
Hopefully someone else from this great community will benefit from this neat find.