Amazon announces its DRM-free music store

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The major online retailer Amazon has finally announced its upcoming music store, which will free of any DRM infestation, confirming rumours that have been going around about the store. …

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Well, I for one will be buying from them if it is DRM free. It bugs me no end that I have to rely on my IPOD to play music form Itunes, I should be able to play the music I purchase on whatever I like as I bought the damn music. Anyway, the moment this happens bye bye Aplle and any other DRM bullshit. I wonder if it takes off, if Apple will release a patch or something that can then strip off the DRM from what you already own… Wouldn’t ti be great to get hold of that patch RIGHT NOW, as I’m sure they have a way of reversing it.

Given the crap quality of most of the modern new releases in this new century , they should be paying us to listen to the bulk of this lossy distorted rubbish! Also , given the total profits the baby boomers paid in buckets of gold , both in the vinyl and CD revival era , any price above five cents is ouright theft anyway! One final point , given the fact that flash memory prices and storage size has yet to bottom out , the age of the lossy mp3 will be , but a technology memory within less then a decade! :d
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How about offering a lossless alternative Amazon?