Amazon announces $199 Kindle Fire



Amazon announces $199 Kindle Fire.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Amazon's Kindle event happened Wednesday morning and it was even more surprising than it was rumored to be. Amazon confirmed the rumors of a tablet which they are calling the Kindle Fire. In addition to that device the company announced a touch based Kindle as well as a refresh of the current Kindle option.

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All amazon did was accelerate pricing by 6 months. 16gb onboard memory tablets in this form factor were going to be priced around $199 anyway by March of 2012… so it happened in September… good for you Amazon! Stick it to all the other tablet makers who got caught in a product cycle glut. These tablet makers who were used to getting $400+ for a 7-10" tablet with similar specs… some even having single core might want to rethink their strategy for multi-core and better features at 1/2 the price… or exit the market quick, cause the lines are being drawn on who will shake out as a tablet maker by next year. This is good, because I have the Archos 43 (4.3" tablet) and I wasn’t thinking of buying a larger companion tablet favoring a laptop… with new pricing comeptitiveness, it might just put that idea back in my head…

BTW, it sucks to be a low end laptop maker now… Hahaha!