'amazing region-free tool'

I just got a LTD- 165H today, and have downloaded the ‘Rpcde.exe’ file.
A question for those using it, please. Do you use it one time only (pressing ‘disable’), or does it have to be used every time you use the DVD-ROM? I’d guess the latter, but an experienced confirmation (or otherwise) would be welcome.

You’ll have to fire it up and have it appear in the system tray everytime you play a out of region DVD w/ your software DVD player, or else the annoying region selection screen will pop up. I’m sure you know region free is a two part thing. Not only do you have to make the drive (hardware) region free, you gotta make the player (software) region free too. But hey, I love my uncensored japanese films too.:bigsmile:

Thanks a lot for the reply – it’s a big help.

I think Stoner was refering to the RegionKiller software, it takes care for Windows and the playback software.

However the question is about RPCED.EXE.
One time is all it takes!

It disables the drive’s region protection.
The drive will stay region free for ever, or till you flash the firmware - whichever comes first :wink:

Doh, my bad, was thinking about RegionKiller.

Again, thanks for the clarification. It’s much appreciated.

Here, in a relatively poor country, with often useless warranties (try to actually use one), the death of a component that was hard to come by is a bit (more than a bit) of a tragedy.

As an old guy, and a Buddhist monk (25 years, from Australia), all the equipment I get is paid for by others, most of whom are far from well off (many are struggling financially) – they want to help with my web sites and the freeware books (e-books) I’m creating and making available for download – not written by me but by much more impressive, but now dead, Western monks (one a very close US friend).

So I go to perhaps extreme measures to try to get information that will save me from perhaps destroying a component.

The forums, like this one, where people help each other, and share experience and knowledge, are, to me, one of the glories of the Web. Long may this continue, and far may it grow.

That was nice words justsatorn :slight_smile:
Best wishes!


It’s nice to be able to help, and in this case even nicer :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project and don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you need anything else.

I have to say that ive had a pretty wierd experience with rpcde.exe First time i did it (used the program) my drive didnt show up in DriveInfo and then when i inserted a DVD it asked me to set the Region i was in , Im using Windows XP but i havent tried using it in 98 mode so ill try that once i get drive running again , after a flash a newer bin file the because the Window Installer for CH0Q was stupid and puter wont boot with drive connected ( well will boot but freezes on Welcome message )