Amazing Electron Microscope Photos



My daughter sent me these photo’s and there amazing to find out what they are can you guess?


The Second one looks like the Wrong Dye was used on someons Hair …


I dont have internet to look them all up But love the Images
this is what some one will get from to much corpulance…


Di your close on the second one ,it’s a eyelash and your on the fourth one it’s sperm good one.I have about 20 photos of this stuff thought it is interesting


I love close ups ,Please name the others .
The eye lase was probley washed left some Mascara on bace ( womans )
I love ultro Macro and Slowspeed ( also time frame ) Like someone put a camera up filmed the garden 4 about 5 years And I can see it grow in 10± Min


The first one is a micro chip and the thrid one is a human tongue and bacteria on the surface of the tongue .Want more


nobodys guessing so I’ll tell the top one is a strawberry, second is house hold dust which includes long cat hair,twisted synthetic and woolen fibers,serrated insert scales,a pollengrain,and plant and insect remains.
the third is a weave of nylon stocking fibers,fourth the head of a mosquito and last one is a head louse.


ok I got a few more photos so here they aretry to guess them or not


#1 is Velcro.


your right teddy the first one is Velcro


The third one seems to be an ant getting it’s breakfast cereal ready. :bigsmile:

Or is it having chips instead. :slight_smile:



2 looks like conjoined twins (worms)
4 looks like the planet Krypton
5 looks like pollen


top one is the velcro-second one is the tongue of a humming bird (proboscis) hankmoth-third one is an ant carrying a mirco chip( no fooling)-fourth one is cut human hairs and shaving form between two razor blades and the last iscigarette paper that tobacco is rolled in.well I think I got them right forgive me if I didn’t ,I got 3-4 more.


[QUOTE=marloyd;2581528]ok I got a few more photos so here they aretry to guess them or not[/QUOTE]

I screwed up again on the last two pictures the blue stuff in the forth shot is the cigarrette paper one and the last one was mushroom spores .


the rest of the pictures I have are these and I’ll try to get these right there the only one left so here goes—first one is the razor blades w? shaving foam and a few human hairs -second one is corrosion on a nail head - third one is a hatch of butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant and the bottom one is a calcuim phosphate crystal