Amazing Coincidence ....or software conflict?

Within minutes of installing the latest version of clonedvd , ver 2427, my computer began to ‘spontaneously reboot’. NEVER had any problem like this until now.

In the last 2 days, it has happened twice, no warning, no error message, no system log entry. Its like an invisible hand is pressing the reset button. First time happened when i was in EXCEL, second time in IE. (Have not even used this latest ver 2427 yet to transcode movies, but used previous ver 2094, many times with no issues.)

I have tested the RAM, the HD and am even monitoring the Power via Asus probe. The system is conected to a APC UPS. Finding nothing unusual.

For safety though, I uninstalled ver 2427 this morning, and have not experienced a reboot since.

Weird or what ? Any ideas ?

Possibly some conflict with other burning / emulation software (Eg ALCOHOL 120%), or something else ???


400W Power Supply
‘Native’ MS IDE DRIVERS, NTFS Format, Single Partition
512 RAM
1.7 GHZ P4
Intel 850 Chipset
Radeon 9200SE Video Card
SoundBlaster Audigy
120 GB HD
Toshiba SDM 1212 ROM
SONY DRU 500A Burner
All device drivers and other software are the ‘latest versions’.


Exactly the same thing happened to me.
I initially thought the Drive itself was at fault, but now i can burn data DVDs with no problems.

Even ripping with CLoneDVD causes this mysterious rebooting usually about 1/3 of the way into ripping.

Unlikely to be CloneDVD’s fault. My guess is an overheating CPU, weak power supply or faulty memory.
CloneDVD only uses file I/O, no driver stuff for reading.