Amarey Slimline Case's, Anygood?

What are the Amarey slimline dvd case like ?? as good as there standard ones ??
If anyones has got whats the disc locking part like ?? (anyone got a pic maybe) after the clear case ones.

I have just got GITS 1st Giga boxset and the disc’s are in slimline case’s, two different brands by the look of it and to be honest one of the slimline brands they have used are just are rubbish, the locking system just about holds the disc, the lock is that bad when it arrived one of the discs was unclipped.

So you’re replacing the case with an amarey one? Sounds good. I have not used their slimline, only the standard size and they are good.

If I were you, I’d just buy a few and see how they go, if they suck then at least you only wasted a little bit of money. They should be ok, I trust their cases to be higher quality than most other brands.

True they aint that much, i’ll just go for it then. I have used there case’s before and yes they are of high quality although i was’nt impressed by the clear case’s (full size) it had a different locking system which i did’nt like.

Sorry to be so anal, you mean Amaray, right? :slight_smile: If so id imagine their slimline cases to be excellent, having used their regular cases. Both Amaray and Flexbox make probably the sturdiest cases.

Yep that is what i meant. I just wanted to try and find out what the disc locking system is like on the slimlines as the locking in the clear amaray(better :slight_smile: ) cases was a different type. As cd pirate said though there cheap so im just going to get some see what they are like.

I hate Flexboxs, cant stand that holder they use for the discs.

Ah, so I’m not the only one who changes all the thin cases in anime titles :slight_smile: I hate those cheap cases where the DVD just rests on a few knobs.

I bought a 1000 of no-brand thin cases from a shop in Germany a few years ago, and just keep using those to thinpack everything and even exchange the thin cases that some titles come in. These cases have a full support ring on the outside and solid but easy to release disc holding mechanism.

I personally don’t like those locks on Amaray cases (full size) because of almost all discs I buy that get shipped to me and use them, the disc is loose and scratched by moving over the hub. I’d say try and buy a few thin cases and test them, and if you like them buy a bulk load of them, as often the design changes.

If you want double thin cases, has good ones, I think they still stock them.

They smell a bit :bigsmile: because they don’t use virgin polypropylene, but recycled stuff as well. But they’re good quality and I packed a lot of those cheap French-subbed box sets in very little space with these.


This is actually the first time i have had retail dvds come in slimline case’s my other anime is in full size case’s, maybe it just box sets that are like that. Only got 3 box sets. 2nd Giga came in full size case’s and Evangelion can in a foldout card thing but the clips are pretty good in that.