AMARAYS! Where can i find some REAL amaray dvd cases?

hey can anybody help me out here. i live in the us and i have been looking for amaray dvd cases because i heard they were the best. the problem i have is all the US websites like (sleevetown - that sell nexpak amaray cases that fake or liscensed amaray dvd cases.

Can someone please help me out here if anybody knows a place i can go into in the US or a website that ships to the US that sells REAL AMARAY cases

You can get them at,They sell the Real Amaray cases…Good luck…RD does sell Amaray cases, but the 100 that I just received are junk compared to what I purchased in 2007. The clear sleeve protector on the outside of the case is not tight against the case, but it is wavy and looks like crap. They also redesigned the hub that holds the cd which is also cheap and hard to get the disk in and out. Anyone have any suggestions to some better cases than the Amarays? I use these in my videography business and they are definitely not acceptable. was nice enough to refund my money without making me send them back either. I wish the cases were as good as they used to be because usplastic has some great service and quick shipping. I did also purchase some Blu-ray cases from them that turned out great.