AM2 X2 Price cuts @newegg

I’ve been eyeing 2 processors from the X2 series, the X2 4400+ and X2 4800+, those two has 1 meg of cache. Of course I would love the FX 57 and 60 and 62 only if the price drop really low. If the price on the X2 4400+ does not drop down to sub $200, then I am settling for the conroe E6400, cheap and when oc, it beats FX62 in most categories. The reason I am still eyeing the X2 series because that is the cheapest alternative since I dont have to upgrade motherboard and ram.

Yo gc-

I was going to wait out the 4200+ at $100 or the 4400+ at $200 too-

But the way they are going - figured - what the hell - for less than 20% premium I was assured of getting the 4400+ - so I jumped on it - as it is just a question of swapping processors for me-eh!

Here is the latest, out yesterday:

wow, $286 for a 4800, very tempting…that is if we ever see that price

I’m beggining to think this forum is the reason I have no money :stuck_out_tongue:

If it goes down to $286.00 i’ll be all over that like flies on s#!t. :iagree:

I bought 5 drives, a 250 gig external, and a 300 internal HD in the last week. :bigsmile: Money, what money. Plastic is the way to go. NO? :rolleyes:

Monarch Computer has received it’s [B]last[/B] shipment of X2 4800+ CPU’s.

good luck

It’s back down to $250.00 at the EGG, for now. :rolleyes:


As clarification as to what my bra Bryan S is trying to tell ya-

The AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ cpu is now $250 at the Newegg:

The AMD 64 X2 4600+ is $252 delivered here:

Yo chas0039-

What is really funny - is that Newegg [B]reduced[/B] its prices on the x2 4400+ to $249 with free shipping and Monarch [B]increased[/B] theirs $20 to $358 shipped and eWiz $8 to $338 plus shipping-eh!

Just thought I would give you guys a tip concerning AMD warranty service. My current chip, brand new, seems to fail when the temp exceeds 48C. The tech told me to return it. I have submitted 6 different requests for RMA and they are all denied by the automated system. No matter how I answer they questions, the system finds a reason to deny the claim.

Needless to say, this is frustrating and as they have no 800 number, it looks like this is going to be a long annoying process.

I dont know if you guys have a similar scenario, but my new 4600 CPU never runs below 40 deg c. Even with a good cooler, its usually between 42 and 52. Still too hot in my opinion.

2 cores, twice the heat, can’t have your cake and eat it too.

If I wanted to overclock one of those babies I would almost go to exotic cooling

Yo chas0039-

Had the very same problem with hot AMD Athlon 64 3800+ cpu - got this heatsink/fan combo:

Dropped my idle temps over 20 degrees f (104f down to 82f) - not bad for under $20 shipped-eh!

Fry’s Electronics has X2 3800+ combo with ECS board with NVIDIA 6100 video card built-in for $179.99, socket AM2. I like this combo because you dont need to buy a Video card if you are not gaming, it has HD outputs and it supports NVIDIA PureVideo Technology, great for multimedia. And Fry’s Electronics also has 2GB OCZ PC6400 800MHZ DDR2 for $139.99 AR. A little over $300 Upgrade and you have a very decent speed system assuming most of you guys have decent PS, HDDs and an ATX case.

I already have Arctic Cooling. Right now I am drooling over the X2 4600+ at for $249 delivered. No way do I [I]really[/I] need it, but you know how toys are.

Unfortunately, the Fry’s combos rarely make it to the web. If you have a link, it would be great.

Unfortunately it is B and M only Chas0039. Is there a Fry’s Electronics in your area??? I checked and did not see the combo deal.

Yo chas0039-

Do you have [B]this[/B] one-?

I had the Artic Cooling “Freezer Pro” ($33 plus shipping) and it didn’t work for $hit-eh!

Yo chas0039-

Here you go: